Check out the video player below to see the latest skill videos that we are offering, check every Wednesday for new videos.  Follow along to work on your skills.  Take video of yourself and send it to to get your skills analyzed and recieve feedback.  We will only return analyzed video if it is sent through a  parents address or your parent is cc'd.  There is an example of an analyzed shooting video below.

1. For the first week take video of your shooting from front on and from your shooting arm side, 3-5 shots from each direction, do not stand more then 5-7 feet from the rim, do not jump.

2. For dynamic video perform self spins and shoot from distance so we can see your flow.  3-5 shots going left to right and then right to left.

3. For off the dribble shooting take 2-3 shots going right and pulling up and 2-3 shots going left and pulling up.  This will allow us to see your ball security, shot intiation and form.

4. We are working now on our finishing school, this week send in video of your one dribble moves, so we can evaluate your footwork and finishes.

5. Take the move series and pick your three favourite moves, send in video of you doing the moves going both left and right to have your moves evaluated and get feedback.

6. For our different finishes take video of you executing inside and outside finishes going across the rim, a running hook and an extension lay-up and get feedback on what you need to work on.

7. For the combo drills film yourself doing the three finishes of the traingle cone drill and get feedback on your dribble moves and the finishes.

8. No new video this week, take a look back at your video feedback and pick out a drill that you needed to work on, redo it and send in the new video so we can compare side by side your progress in that drill.

With the ability to move in person work-outs outdoors we will suspend the video series after this week-end until the weather or other factors drive us indoors.