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Doug has been working with Nicholas and Michael for quite a while focusing, as a complete player, on their athletic conditioning, ball handling, shooting and offensive/defensive skills. Doug is committed to helping our boys reach their full potential by challenging them physically and bettering their skills and development in an open, supportive environment. This is exemplified by his watching the boys, on his personal time, in game settings, videotaping their strengths and weaknesses to in turn enhance/develop those skills. Doug’s individualized and group training has resulted in their higher level of play.


Peter and Renée Fowler

Doug has been working with our two boys helping them improve their basketball skills.  He caters each session to the areas they need to work on.  The video analysis of their shooting and game play is extremely detailed and valuable.  Doug strikes the perfect balance of demanding and encouraging.  There has never been a session that they don't come out dripping in sweat saying, "That was fun!"

John and Ethel Ann Edwards